Trench Sheeting Providers in Northern Ireland

Trench Boxes

Trench Boxes are modular units used to protect operatives during pipe-laying and other site works. The box consists of 2 steel panels connected by adjustable struts.

They are available in varying depths and can be built to the width the customer requires with the addition of extension bars.


Magnum Boxes

With deeper panels this Trench Box is designed to give more clearance beneath the bottom strut for use with large diameter pipes.

Manhole Boxes

Similar to Trench Boxes but the panels have end returns therefore providing additional protection when installing manhole rings.


Trench Sheeting

Available in different lengths and profiles ranging from a standard overlapping sheet to a more robust heavy duty sheet.  Driving caps, extractor clamps and quick release shackles are also available

Frames & Bracing

  • Waler Frames

    A horizontal hydraulic aluminium shoring frame for use with trench sheets where close or intermittent sheeting is required eg: where services are present and trench boxes can’t be used.

  • Manhole Braces

    This 4-way hydraulic system can facilitate square or rectangular excavations and used along with trench sheeting is ideal for constructing larger manholes and tanks.  Assembled from 4 individual box section cylinders they are connected at the corners to create the required shape and adjusted by using a hydraulic pump.

  • Verti-shores

    A vertical hydraulic aluminium system which is strong but lightweight enough to manhandle and is suitable for use in ground conditions which require minimum or intermittent support. 


Pipe Stoppers

Durable, inflatable and multisize. Inflated using a site compressor/foot pump and connected to a pressure controller prevents over-inflation and damage.

Blank Stoppers – the ability to stop a flow of water
Bypass Stoppers – to overpump or bypass a line
Airtest Stoppers – to carry out a standard airtest

We Also Provide

Safety Guard Rails

Lightweight steel barriers designed to attach to Trench Boxes and provide edge protection around the perimeter of an excavation

Manhole Shutters

The adjustable manhole shuttering system is created by connecting a combination of durable lightweight steel panels into an 1800mm high circular structure and used to form a concrete cast around manhole rings.

Wellpoint Dewatering

Dewatering is a system used to lower or control groundwater levels in saturated soil conditions.  Wellpoint dewatering is typically used in excavations up to 6 metres and is best suited to soil conditions made up of permeable material such as sand and fine gravels.

A series of wellpoint filters are jetted into the ground around the problem area and attached to a header-pipe which is connected to a Wellpoint Suction Pump.  The pump creates a vacuum in the pipe drawing water out of the ground allowing the excavation to continue in workable conditions.

For Magnum Boxes in Northern Ireland

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